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The Answers You Need

**No two tie dyes will ever look the same. The process of it being handmade means each product is unique in its own way. Pocket sized decals will always go over the heart, on the left chest space unless otherwise stated. 


How do you order and customize? 

  • Please start by adding the key elements to your cart such as a sweatshirt and a decal.  If there are any questions or other customizations that you would like to make to your item, please contact us at

  • If you are interested in a color/style/garment not listed, contact us & we will do our bet to make it happen. 

  • All custom designs will be sent to the email provided or DIRECT MESSAGE from instagram. 

  •  ** IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not print pictures, gradients or multicolor logos unless it's ordered in bulk. If there is any additional costs missing from your order, we will send a balance invoice to be paid before proceeding. 


What are the care instructions for purchased products? 

  • Please wash inside, out. 

  • If product has a decal, do not iron directly onto decal. If you need to iron your product, iron from the back of the shirt.

  • Wash with like colors. 


How long does it take to make a custom product? 

  • It can take up to 1 to 3 weeks to create a handmade product at DCD depending on demand. If you are planning to buy a gift for someone, please plan accordingly. As soon as the order is received, I start working on it if I have the product in stock, if item has to be ordered from a wholesaler it will push back the processing time. 


Can I return my product if I am unhappy with my order? 

  • Due to all products being hand-made and unique to the customers wants, we do not accept returns. If item is received and is defective, please contact us within 24 hours. 


I can't find something that I want to create, how can I create something from scratch? 

  • Please contact us at @dcdboutique on instagram or email for any questions or concerns. We can help you come up with different ideas! 

Is there a possibility to wholesale product? 

  • Yes, we do wholesale orders or create merchandise for your company.  Please send us a message on instagram or email us!  

Where can I find inspiration for creating a product? 

  • You can check us out at @dcdboutique on instagram for more inspiration! 

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