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Designed to record book reviews, thoughts, and reading feedback, in two cover designs and sizes! 


6″ x 9″ spiral bound notebook with heavy cardstock cover - Unnumbered, undated book review sections, so you do not have to follow a calendar year -


Wishlist & TBR pages (1 of each) in the beginning of the book - Favorites page in the back - Book Review spread spanning two pages -


Ability to record book details such as: title, author, genre, format, where you got it, start date, finish date, number pages OR audiobook length, if series, # in series if series - Large star section to shade in your rating with lightly divided to make it easier to record half stars -


Book Review section with many lines to record your thoughts - Section to record your “currently reading” notes as you read - “Post-Read Thoughts” to share: who you would recommend the book to, if you’d keep/return/unhaul, what else it inspired you to read

Book Review Journal

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