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Size: 38'' x 65''(Thin No-Terry) 100% Cotton, Made in Turkey. 


You can use as bath towel, beach towel, pool towel, picnic blanket, yoga mat, gym towel and sarong, Our pesthemal towel is highly absorbent and incredibly fast drying.


Features Traditional woven style Ultra soft Multi purpose towel

Although Peshtemal is fairly new to America, it does have a very rich cultural background. Being around many centuries gave different cultures a chance to find other uses for this common Household item. Bathrooms to Hammams to camping, it is still an essential item in Mediterrenian.


In past 10 years peshtemal is becoming more popular around the World. Better than Towel. Its construction and unique material makes it thin, quick dry and Multipurpose and standing out from traditional towel. When it dries quickly it does not hold any humidity, creating an unwanted smell which is a common problem with towel


Peshtemal Pure Cotton Beach Towel

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